Wooden Blinds

Materials needed to measure:

Step 1: Identify which head rail depth is correct for your wooden blind from the table below. If any handles or vents extend out further than the window frame, measure how much these stick out by and add that figure to the rail depth known as measurement (A).

Blind Type Rail Depth
25mm Slats 55mm
35mm Slats 65mm
50mm Slats 70mm
63mm Slats 80mm

Step 2: Place the two pieces of paper side by side as shown below. Use your measurement (A) and mark the point on both pieces of paper.


Step 3: Put the two pieces of paper in the window sill of the bay, placing them towards each other so that the marks pointed on each paper meet.

Step 4: Where the paper meets the window frame, make two pencil marks on the window sill.

Step 5: To find the width of the blind measure the distance each points marked in the diagram below.

Step 6: To measure the drop calculate the distance from the top of where the blind is going to sit to where you would like the blind to finish. We recommend the blind ending above the window sill.